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Greenlawn Cemetery - 1800 Burials

Greenlawn Cemetery - 1900 Burials

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            Outdated Medical Terminology

Over time, many disease names have changed. Below is a list of some of the old terms that you may come across and their current names.

Outdated Medical Term
Current Medical Term
apoplexy stroke
bad blood syphilis
blood poisoning septicemia (overwhelming bacterial infection
Bright's Disease glomerulonephritis (serious kidney disease)
consumption tuberculosis, pulmonary
cretinism hypothyroidism, congenital
dropsy congestive heart failure
fatty liver cirrhosis
glandular fever mononucleosis
grippe influenza (flu)
jail fever typhus
lock jaw tetanus
lung fever pneumonia
lung sickness tuberculosis
plague/black death Bubonic plague
podagra gout
Pott's disease tuberculosis of the spinal vertebrae
quinsy streptococcal tonsillitis
scrofula tuberculosis of the neck lymph nodes
toxemia of pregnancy eclampsia (high blood pressure & seizures)


Please feel free to download and print any of the available forms:

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Relationship Diagram Military Records Checklist
Marriage Index Sample Letter to Family
Sample Request Letter to Institution Family Correspondence Log
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Research Request Correspondence Log Cemetery Transcription Form
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Ohio Cemetery Project Form  
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