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Please Note - Pioneer Applications are "Applications for Status as a Pioneer of Scioto County, OH" (All related material is usually included.) Pages numbers are approximate: most were not numbered.

The books/publications are housed with our holdings at the Portsmouth Public Library in the Local History Department and are available for viewing during their normal business hours. These books/publications are not for sale.


AYARS   AYAR'S HEIRS (Newsletter) Walter F. Ayars, III 98-2000 Red Binder 13 issues
AYERS   Untitled family records (Mostly Family Group Sheets) Walter F. Ayers   Group sheets 36
BARBER   Genealogy of the Barber Family (Desc. of Robert Barber) Edwin A. Barber 1890 Folio 166
BAUGH   The Baugh,Black,Berry & Linhoss Families Chrislou & Barnhouser 1994 of Virginia 80
BEBBEE see BIBBEY Pedigree Charts Roth     23
BENNETT see CRULL   Crull    
BENNETT   Pioneer Application for Thaddeous & Jehial Bennett Margie Fenton Lenyo 1990 Related papers 58
BENNETT see TIBBS        
BERRY see BAUGH        
BETZ see GRONINGER        
BIBBEY   Untitled Bibbey/Bibby charts and records Theresa Roth 1995 Folio 23
BLACK see BAUGH        
BOLEN   Henry Bolen Todd Bolen 1984 Folio 10
BROOKS   Brooks Heritage Jo Caroline Koenig   Red Spiral 46
BURRELL see SLAGLE        
BURT   Untitled family records of James, Munsell & Benjamin Burt     Red Binder 61
BURWELL   Proceedings of Burwell Family Picnic   1870 Folio 27
BUSH   The Descendants of John Bush of Jamestown, VA Rev. Lowell Barker 1988 Folio 28
CADWALLADERS   The Cadwalladers Harold Cadwallader 1979 Reports, clippings
CASE/CHASE   The Famly of Aquila Chase (and his brother, Thomas)     Folio 6
CHABOT   Pioneer Application & related papers for Peter Chabot   1990 Red Binder 7
CHURCH   Pioneer Application for Joel and Nancy Ann Cook Church Pauline Gravenstein 1990 Related papers 44
CLARK see CRAWFORD       Red Binder
CLARK see CRAWFORD        
CLARK #1   Clark/LeMaster/Stone (ca. 1600) Donald Clark   Family Group Shts 24
CLARK #2   Pioneer Application for Esther, James, William, & Mary M. Thomas Adkins 1990 Red Binder 59
CLAYTON see NAIL        
COBERLY   Coberly Genealogy (Desc. of Dr. James Stell Coberly) Dr. John B. Arthand 1985 Hardback 489
CRABTREE #1   The Crabtree Heritage Caroline Koenig 1995 Group Sheets 210
CRABTREE #2   Family Sketches of Crabrees of Southwest Ohio Loraine Swiger 1986 w/clippings 222
CRABTREE #3   Crabtree/Keairns/ThrockmortonSmeltz Hallie Martinson 1998 Laminated pages 30
CRAWFORD see RILEY        
CRAWFORD   Crawford/Shaw/Morgan/Field/Clark Patricia K. Clark   Red Binder 59
CRISTOU   Ahnentafal Chart (Desc. of Christos Christou)     13 Generations 10
CROMAN   Genealogy of Croman Family (John and Abram)     Folio 13
CRULL see UTT        
CRULL #1   Descendants of David & Nancy Bennett Crull (2 copies) Marty Crull 1995 10 Generations 67
CRULL #2   The Crull Descendant Newsletter Vol.3 No.2 1995 One issue
CRULL #3   Crull, Lionberger, Mechlin, & Squires   97-1999 Red Binder 10 issues
CURREN   Family of Michael Curren & Sarah Crawford J. Douglas Bradshaw 1989 Hardback 387
DODGE/FIELDS   Descendants of Oliver Dodge   c.1994 Red Binder 42
DONALDSON see HUGHES #2        
DONALDSON   Alexander C. Donaldson, Hannah Sims, Gabriel Comer     Typewritten 13
DUDUIT   Family of Guillanne, Andre, & Frances Duduit William Donley 1992   14
EAKINS   One Branch of the Eakin Family Tree Anne Williamson 1996 8 generations 53
EDGINGTONS   Edginton, McDonald, Fergison, Paramore, etc. Ora Ellis Leeka 1940 Laminated 18
EINSEL   History of Rev. L. Einsel's Family & A Genealogical Table Mabel Wood 1892 Small old book 39
ESTEP   Estep Family Newsletter   1973 Kentucky 50
FARMER   The Old Homestead Albert Farmer 1890 Folio 6
FEILER   Genealogical Records (Armin Feiler and Terezia P.) Teresa Klaiber 1986 Paperback 95
FENTON   Pioneer Application for Thaddeus Bennett Fenton Margie F. Lenyo 1990 Red Binder 30
FEURT see GORSUCH        
FEURT   The Feurt Family, An Introduction J. E. Snook   Newsletters 10 issues
FEYLER see FEILER        
FIELD see CRAWFORD       Red Binder
FIELD   The Pioneer Field Family and Rockwell Family Record     Paperback 17
FIELD   Pioneer Applications & related papers     Red Binder 70
FIELDS (Nathan)   Nathan Fields & Surber Family Patricia Suber   Descendancy Chts 10
FIENUP see POETKER        
FOEHR   Descendants of George Jacob Foehr Allen G. Hamann 1983   10
FORD see GORSUCH        
FOSTER   Robert Foster-Margaret McCord Col. James E. Foster   Red Binder 125
FREEMAN   The Freeman Family (Moses, Michael & Joseph) Rev. Moses Steen 1900 Isma Freeman 79
FREEZE see YANKEE        
FUQUA   Fuqua Foundation News Vol. I Frank Fuqua 1993 Folio 2 issues
GANG see SEBASTIAN        
GHARKY   David Gharky Family History Laura Hine 1999 Red Binder 40
GLAZE   Untitled Glaze family information     Group Sheets 12
GOETZ   Descendants of John Adam Goetz Allen G. Hamann 1984   7
GORSUCH   In Search of Footprints Thomas L. Hooker 1998 Printed paperback 288
GRAVES   Graves Pedigree Charts of George & William Graves Martha Clemons-Tompkins 1994 Folio 13
GRONINGER   Pioneer Applications-Jacob & Mary Betz Groninger Thomas Adkins   Red Binder 36
HARBERT   Harbert, Spriggs and Wilson Families Louise Adams   Indexed 31
HARDIN see GORSUCH        
HESS   The Chronicle of the Hess Family (Hiram and Sarah)     (Sarah Imnel) 16
HODGE   The Ohio Ancestry of Minor Crayton Hodge Bonnie Duncan 2001 Laminated pages
HOLT #1   The Holts of Scioto County, Ohio C.R. Holt   Group sheets 41
HOLT #2   Pioneer Application for Henry Holt Charles R. Holt 1990 Related papers 9
HOPPIS   Pioneer Application for John & Catherine Mock Hoppis John Snook 1996 Red Binder 15
HUDSON   Pioneer Application for Elijah & Susannah Swarr Hudson Alice Hudson   Red Binder 12
HUGHES #1   Untitled (family of Abijah Hughes and Abigal Roberts)     & Martin Hughes 7
HUGHES #2   Untitled (family of George Hughes & ElizaJane Donaldson)     Folio 7
HUGHES (Henry)   The Descendants of Henry Hughes Marty L. Crull   9 Generations 78
HUMPHRIES   The Humphries Heritage Jo Caroline Koenig 1992 Source papers 77
HUTTON   History & Genealogy of Hutton Family Harold Hutton 1983 Hardback 194
IAMS/IMES   Iams/Imes Family History Jeffrey & Louis Iams 2001 Hardback 644
IIAMS   Iiams Family - William Iiams and his descendants William Iiams     16
IMMEL see GRAVES        
KEARNS   Kearns and Related Families Ora B. Keairns 1097 Handwritten 179
KELLOGG #1   Pioneer Application for William Wright Kellogg Jane Kellogg Dillree 1990 Red Binder 13
KELLOGG #2   Kelloggs in the Old World & the New Timothy Hopkins 1903 Lawrence & Scioto Co. 17
KELLY see O'CONNELL        
KLAIBER   Klaiber Cousins Teresa M. Klaiber 1981   91
KNARR/KNERR   Newsletter of Knarr/Knerr/Knorr Family   1980s Newsletters 4 issues
KNIGGE see POETKER        
LASLEY/LERSEN   Family Pedigree Charts Carol Jean Larson 2001 Red Binder 17
LAWHORN see RILEY        
LAWSON   Lawson Letters Mary Alice Lawson 79-94 2 Volumes 48 issues
LAWSON   Lawson Group Sheets Mary Alice Lawson 1995 Group Sheets 150
LEMASTER see CLARK        
LINDSEY   Pioneer Applications for John and William L.indsey Pat Kuethe 2000 Red Binder 27
LINHOSS see BAUGH        
LIONBERGER see CRULL #3        
LIONBERGER   Lionberger Family Newsletters   1990s Newsletters 10 issues
LUCAS   Pioneer Application for William & Susannah Barnes Lucas Thomas Adkins 1990 Red Binder 48
LUCAS   Personal Letters of Robert Lucas, Gov. of Ohio & Iowa Betty Porter Hall 1990   81
LUCAS (Robert)   Govener Robert Lucas, His Ancestors and Descendants Betty Porter Hall 1989 Gov. of Iowa 155
MACKLIN see CRULL #3        
MARSHALL   Pioneer Application for Elias,Hannah, Polly, Samuel Anna Williamson 1996 Red Binder 50
MARTINDALE   John Martindell, Cardwainer of Philadelphia Rev. Harry Martindale     103
MARTING   Pedigree sheets on Zelis, Shump & Marting Families     Frank Marting
McCALL   Descendants of Solomon McCall Brown & Pride 1988   211
McDERMET   William McDermet & MaryJane William McDermet Canton Daily Register     9
McLAUGHLIN   The McLaughlins Steven K. McLaughlin 1987 Hardback 100
MONROE   Monroe Death & Burial Records Vern Paul 1985 Scioto Co., OH 5
MONTGOMERY   Montgomery and Related Families Betty Montgomery 1988 Pedigree Charts 14
MOORE   Pioneer Applications for William and Sarah Norris Moore Jimmie M. Clark 1993 Red Binder 66
MORGAN see CRAWFORD       Red Binder
MOULTON   Early Pioneer Family (Robert, Freeborn & Rebeccca, etc.) Mary H. Moulton 1976   12
MOWERY   Mowery Family Tree Clyde Mowery 1984 Source material 97
MULLINS   The Descendanats of Thomas Mullins Lowell Barker   10 Generations 28
MUSGRAVE   A Musgrave Family ca 1600-1989 - (James Musgrave) Marguerite White 1989 Extensisve 115
NAIL   Pioneer Applications for John Nail, Sr. & Jr. James R. Clayton 1998 Red Binder 26
NEESE see PULLMAN        
NOEL (Peter)   Family of Peter Noel Susan Smith 1997 Red Binder 125
NOURSE #1   Untitled narrative material Harry E. Hodge 1969   20
NOURSE #2   Pioneer Application for Saphrania Church Nourse Pauline Gravenstein 1990 Related Papers 20
O'CONNELL   Untitled reports & descendant lists - (Patrick O"Connell)       18
O'DELL   The O'Dell Diggins, Vol. 12 - Lineage of Ransom O'Dell   1993 Newsletter 30
ODLE see ODLE        
OTT see UTT        
POETKER   Poetker, Feinup, Knigge & Related Families J. S. Poetker 1988 Hardback 500
POLMAN see PULLMAN        
PRITCHARD   Descendants of William Pritchard A.M. Prichard 1912   122
PULLMAN   The Brick Maker - 1845-1925 (Frederick H. A. Pullman) Rose Ann L. Ritchie   Hardback 307
REINOEHL   The Reinoehls....beginning 1758 Reiser and Reinoehl 1941   34
REMY/RAMEY   A Family's Story Through Time in America Albert Remy 2001 9 Generations 150
RHULEMAN see ZORNS        
RICKEY #1   RICKEY ROOTS & REVELS   2001 Newsletter 10
RICKEY #2   RICKEY ROOTS & REVELS   '92-'96 Newsletters 22 issues
RICKEY #3   RICKEY ROOTS & REVELS Stanton Rickey 97-2000 Red Binder 15 issues
RILEY   Riley's of Lewis County, Kentucky Ralph B. Riley 1995   13
ROBERTS see HUGHES #1        
ROCKWELL see FIELD The Rockwell Family Record      
ROCKWELL #1   The Family of Linnie Fay Rockwell H. Earl Close 1994 12 Generations 174
ROCKWELL #2   Pioneer Applications of James & Hannah Rockwell John Samson 1999 Red Binder 72
SALLADAY   Salladay Family (George & Phoebe Chaffin Salladay) Phoebe's Diary     18
SAMSON see ROCKWELL       Red Binder
SCHLICTER   The Schlicter Family (Jacob Frederick Schlicter) Shirley B. Knight     25
SCHULER   Untitled information on Charles S. Schuler Ellen Schuler Folsom 1998 Red Binder 6
SCOTT   Stories My Grandmother Told Me Martha J. Kounse   Pearl Glenn 129
SEBASTIAN   Descendants sof Joseph & Susanna S. Allen G. Hamann 1864   20
SEITZ see EINSEL        
SEWARD   Seward and Related Families George Seward    
SHAW see CRAWFORD       Red Binder
SHOEMAKER #1   Who's Who in the Shoemaker Family George W. Lockhart   Source material 56
SHOEMAKER #2   Descend. of Peter & Caroline (Fuller) Shoemaker J. E. Snook 1995   93
SHOEMAKER #3   Pioneer Applications for George & Rachael Halfhill John E. Snook, Sr. 1996 Red Binder 44
SHONKWILER   History of Theodore Smetters Family Mitzi Smetters 1996 Red Folio 60
SHONKWILER   Shonkwiler Family Registry Mitzi Smetters 1997 Red Binder 63
SHULTZ (John)   Pioneer Applications of John & Sarah Antes Shultz Thomas Adkins   Red Binder 26
SIMON/NARJOZ   Simon Family Record & Narjoz Family Record & Letters   2001   164
SLAGLE   Slagle Trails & Descendants of Jacob Slagle in Virginia Rebecca D. Kartalia   Hardback 228
SMITH see RILEY        
SNOOK   Pioneer Applications - Phillip & Margaret Werener Snook John Snook, Jr. 1996 Red Binder 46
SNYDER/SNIDER   Update of Snyder/Snider History Edith Angell   Red Binder 14
SQUIRES see CRULL #3        
SQUIRES   Squires Newsletter Stanley C. Squires 93-98 Red Binder 5 issues
STONE see CLARK        
STRITMATTER   The Writings of Andrew Stritmatter Richard/Paggy Caslow   China Missionary 224
SURBER see FIELDS (Nathan)        
SWARR see HUDSON        
SWORDS   Pioneer Application for Henry Swords Nancy Swords Kitchen 1996 Red Binder 42
THOMPSON   Untitled (Moses Thompson family) Marjorie T. Orr 1995 Red Folio 45
UTT   UTT Family Marty Crull 1995 9 generations 25
WAIT   Pioneer Applications: Benjamin, Sr., Jr. & Lovina Heaton Nellie Schomburg Locker 1990 Mary Smith Wait 80
WEBB see WEBB        
WELDEN see GORSUCH        
WHEELER   The Name & Family of Wheeler Media Research Bureau 1979 Red Folio 29
WHITE   Abel White 1758 - 1823 Edward/Evelyn Gordon 1982 Red Folio 48
WILLIAMS   Untitled (Six generations of Williams)     John Thomas W. 6
WILSON see HARBERT        
WILSON #1   8 Generations - Desc. of Jeremiah Wilson Linda Gay Taylor 1994 Red Folio 7
WILSON #2   Pioneer Applications for Sarah, Mary & Daniel Wilson Lenyo & Railsback 1990 Red Binder 72
WINKLER   The Philip Winkler Family of Portsmouth, Ohio Allen G. Hamann 1984 Red Folio 23
WORLEY   Untitled - charts & family group sheets Eleanor Worley 1995 Red Folio 24
YANKEE   Yankee and Freeze Jo Caroline H. Koenig   Data sheets 60
ZORNES see ZORNS        
ZORNS   Zorne - Zornes Family from Germany to Philadelphia     PA,VA,OH,IL,KY 24
BONZON   Bonzon Genealogy Early 1600s - Mid 1800s   2005 General Report 13
BECKETT   Beackett, Null, & Roberts Families of MD, OH, VA & WV Christos Christou, Jr. 1994   169
BENNETT see TIBBS        
BIRCH/BURCH   Research Summary for Burch Patriarch Mrs. Clara Thompson no date Blue Folio 18
COLE   Amos, His Descendants in Scioto Co., Ohio Richard B. Cooper 2005 Folio 41
COOPER & COLE   Cooper & Cole: The concluence of families in early Ohio Richard B. Cooper 2005 Hardback 184
CRULL see TIBBS        
DILLON   Pioneer Application for Susannah Dillon Janice Edwards 2003 Red Binder Unpaged
FARMER   Descendants of Michael Farmer ( 8 Generations) Sandy Robert 2011 Red Binder 46
FUNK   Pioneer Application for Markin Funk   2002 Red Binder 15+
FISHBURN   Pioneer Application papers for Conrad Fishburn Michael T. Fishburn 2003   18
GLENN see SCOTT        
GULKER see KNOST        
HOWELL see DILLON        
HUDSON   Pioneer Application for Elijah Hudson & Susannah Swaar Alice M. Hudson 1990 Red Binder 12
JONES   Pioneer Application papers for Samuel Griffith Jones Gene E. Haney 2002 Red Binder abt 30
LEDFORD   Generations: An American Family Joyn Egerton 1983 Paperback 203
KNOST   Five Pedigree Charts - Knost, Lauge & Gulker Ann Daniels   Yellow folder 5
MOORE   From These Hills, An American Family Odyssey Michael Moore 2002 Paperback 113
MORGAN   The Letters of John & Susan Morgan Harry L. McNeer 2006 Paperback 86
NULL see BECKETT        
PENN   Genealogical Gleanings... a history of the family Penn     Printed in folio 51
PHILLIPS   An American Family with Welsh Roots Keith Phillips Williams 2002 Paperback abt 170
RICKEY   Thomas B. Rickey: Pioneer Nevada Cattleman Susan Imswiler   Paperback 52
SMALLEY   Untitled Family Goop Sheets   2006 Folio abt 40
SIKES   Untitled papers about Sikes family Marilyn Potter Steber 2007 Red Binder 9
SMITH   Pioneer Application for Reuben Smith, Jr. Mima Vita   Folio 28
TIBBS   TIBBS, BENNETT, CRULL, ETC. FAMILIES S. Ealine Tibbs Pugh   Hardback 219
VANCE   The Descendants of Levi Vance Rev. Lowell A. Barker   Manuscript 133
WEAR   The Descendants of William Henry Wear 1805-1850 Jerry L. Wear 2007 Red Binder 166
WOODRUFF   Woodruff Family of NJ/Descendants of Lt. Benjamin W- Jason Wong   Folder abt 7
*Please Note:          
  Pioneer Applications are "Applications for Status as a Pioneer of Scioto County, OH"        
  (All related material is usually included.)        
  Pages numbers are approximate: most were not numbered.        


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